100 grams (or 1.25 cups) of the dried leaves, the plant often has up to 2500 mg of Calcium (versus 276 mg in a glass of whole milk),1 up to 40 mg of iron (versus 0.81 mg in a cup of spinach),2 up to 200 mg of Vitamin C (versus 112.9 mg in an orange),3 and up to 2500 picograms of Vitamin A (versus 1069 in a cup of chopped carrots).

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Moringa is said to have a heating energetic effect, and its taste is heating as well as bitter. The plant carries the qualities of being light, dry, sharp, and fluid. It logically makes sense, based on these qualities and energetics, that the plant has significant detoxifying and cleansing effects, particularly for the blood and fat tissues.

In fact, in a historic textbook of Ayurveda, Bhava Prakash, moringa is called sigru (moves like an arrow), and described as deeply and rapidly penetrating tissues, even to the depth of the bone marrow for deep cleansing.

Yet moringa has the unique and mysterious effect of also being a tonic at the same time that it is detoxifying. After cleansing, the plant strengthens the heart and blood, for instance, to function optimally.

Overall, moringa is said to reduce kapha and vata. It will pacify vata, but only when taken in moderation. Because of the light, dry, sharp qualities it can aggravate vata if used in excess. Use cautiously, of course, with pitta imbalances as it does have a heating effect.

How to Use It

People are loving this superfood as an addition to their smoothies or nutritional shakes, or as a nutritional boost to food, like a bowl full of oatmeal. Get creative!

Additionally, you can try taking it more traditionally. For instance, for overall tonic and nutritious benefits, take with a teaspoon of ghee. For more metabolic benefits, take with a teaspoon of honey.

To help offset the heat or even the vata-aggravating qualities, take with a warm glass of milk with some additional honey. Or you may simply take it with a spoon of aloe vera to more directly assist in off-setting the heating quality.


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