Thinking that people can’t really be trusted, and assuming that we can’t rely on anyone but ourselves, consciously or unconsciously, we decide to stone our hearts.

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Your world is your consciousness objectified.

It’s a funny thing to see how when your mind is at peace, and when your heart is filled with love, the people around you, and life itself behaves in kind and loving ways towards you, mirroring back at your internal state and offering you the experiences you deep down inside know you deserve. 

But when there is darkness within you, and when your mind is intoxicated with all kind of negative thoughts, thoughts about you not being enough, thoughts about people not being trustworthy, and thoughts about this whole world not being a safe and secure place to be in, the whole world seem to transform itself in front of your eyes.

You are not a victim.

One of the worst things you can do to yourself is to tell yourself that you are a victim and that the whole world is against you. The most terrifying role a human being can play in this life is the role of a victim. You have no idea how much harm you do to yourself when you tell yourself that you are a victim. No matter what happens to you, and no matter how many people disappoint and betray you throughout your life, never call yourself a victim. Never put yourself in this position. And if you do, make sure you get out of it as fast as possible. Because this is what kills our spirit, what torments our Soul, and what deprives us of the clarity, the inner wisdom and the right to take responsibility for our own thoughts, feelings, and of our own lives.

Change your conception of yourself and you will believe in people again.

I’m sure many of you are familiar with this expression: “We don’t see the world as it is, we see the world as we are.” The outside world is nothing but a projection of our internal world. A projection of our own internal thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and perceptions.And if we fall into the trap of thinking that we don’t deserve to be loved, that people can’t be trusted, and that the world we live in is a fearful and hostile place, then that’s exactly what we will experience in the outside world. Since our world is nothing but our consciousness objectified.

Life loves you, it really does.

I have learned many things from life, and one of them is that the outside world is nothing but a reflection of your inner world. If there is inner turmoil, expect to have outer turmoil as well. If you have deeply hidden wounds, unresolved issues from your past that are still in your energy system, and if there is darkness in you that needs to be brought to the light, life will continue to send your way all kind of people and experiences that will “force” you to deal with your issues so that you can heal your wounds, make peace with your past and move on with your life.

That’s how much life loves you. 

Nobody is perfect.

I often say that we don’t get disappointed by people, but by our own expectations. When you expect people to behave in a certain way, to be there for you and tell you the right things at the right time, you can’t help but set yourself for “failure”, since people aren’t meant to be the way we want them to be, but rather the way life intended them to. This world we live in isn’t perfect. People aren’t perfect. You yourself aren’t perfect. Nobody is perfect, and that’s okay. We all make mistakes. We all behave in ways that others might consider offensive and hurtful, but we have to remind ourselves as often as possible, that just as we have our own darkness to deal with, so does everybody else. Don’t take anything personally. 

Thank life for the experience.

Whenever things don’t go your way, and whenever you feel that people act in ways that are hurting you, instead of withdrawing yourself from life, and instead of allowing your mind to trick you into thinking that people can’t be trusted and that you can’t rely on anyone but yourself in this cruel and hostile world, shift your perception. 

Change your game. Go from being angry and resentful towards all those who continue to disappoint you, to being thankful to life for bringing out to the surface the things that are tormenting your heart and Soul.

Choose to express your gratitude for the love that life has for you. Be grateful to life, and be grateful to all of your teachers. And always look within to discover the root cause of all those experiences.

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