What’s their role inside the house?

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One, purifying your surrounding. Two, beautifying the nooks of your house. Third, bringing luck, prosperity and positive energies. And there are certain plants that are your zodiac soulmate and meant to shower the much needed luck and balance in your life. Your perfect houseplant as per the zodiac is written in the stars.


Zodiac Plant: Cactus

Aries is an adventurous soul with a lot of fiery personality. Extremely ambitious with a contagious energy, the best suited houseplant for this zodiac is the Cactus. This strong and stable plant with thick leaves is as sturdy and strong as its Aries caretaker.


Zodiac Plant: Jade

The self reliant and persistent Taurus are known to love routine. They are disciplined and any deviation from the normal course makes them uncomfortable. The best houseplant for Taurus is Jade which grows slowly and steadily, Jade plant care is easy too and its small and circular leaves are believed to bring good luck.


Zodiac Plant: Air Plant

One important trait of Gemini is that they are positive headed. They thrive on change and are quite adaptable to it. For them, stagnant is boring. The best suited plant for this zodiac sign is Air Plant which can be moved from place to place and does not need pots.


Zodiac Plant: Peace Lily

The Cancer sign is rather complex to be described. At one moment, they are shy and the other moment, they come out as outspoken and bold. They are super sentimental and expect love to be shown explicitly. The best suited houseplant for Cancer is Peace Lily that looks gentle and dainty but happens to be durable and strong.


Zodiac Plant: Fiddle Leaf Fig

Leos live on extremes. At times, they would wish to be cut out from people and in the other, they would be found enjoying the crowd and company. Fiddle Leaf Fig is the perfect houseplant for Leos. It has large, magnificent leaves. The key is to admire the plant? Water and fertilize it time and again but if you love it excessively and touch the leaves often, they will respond unfavorably.


Zodiac Plant: Living stones

Virgos are methodical and philosophical. With an analytical mind, they are comfortable in their own thinking mode. The best suited plant for Virgos are Living Stones which are stone mimics. Living Stones have a transparent face which directs the light to the bottom where photosynthesis happens.


Zodiac Plant: Snake Plant

Libra are an easy going and observant personality. Being highly diplomatic, they happen to be ‘people pleaser’ and their easygoing nature helps them stress less and keep themselves fairly balanced and peaceful. Snake plants, being easy maintenance houseplants please their keeper by seeking little attention.


Zodiac Plant: Aeonium

Scorpions are fiercely independent signs who follow their own path in life. They find it difficult to trust others and don’t seek companionship until they find someone very intriguing. Aeonium too, enjoys its solo space and grows best when potted independently without other plants.


Zodiac Plant: Pothos

Sagittarius are persistent and often deep thinkers. They tend to go to any length while probing an answer. Similarly, Pothos or “Devil’s Ivy” grows persistently and can climb to great heights. They can flourish in a hanging basket or water just like a happy and vibrant Sagittarius.


Zodiac Plant: Kalanchoe or Mother-of-thousands

Capricorns are quite self dependent and self disciplined. When they are endowed with a responsibility, they will not only do it but do it with excellence. Similarly, the name Mother-of-thousands describes the plant in the best way. It produces clonal plantlets along the left margins which eventually drop and produce another plant.


Zodiac Plant: Monstera deliciosa (Mexican breadfruit)

An Aquarius is stubborn and strong willed with contagious liveliness. With fierce energy and bold outlook, an Aries stands out even in the crowd. For a personality as this, the best suited plant is Monstera deliciosa with heart shaped leaves. As the plant matures, the roots grow long, fleshy and airy and can spread wildly to neighbouring plant pots.


Zodiac Plant: Spider Plant

Pisces are empathetic and sensitive. They don’t expect much from people but when they receive unexpected love and attention, they instantly feel the joy like no other. The plant best suited for this zodiac sign is spider plant which is not at all demanding and can survive even in the darkest of corners.


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