EMDR is short for eye movement desensitization reprocessing

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EMDR is short for eye movement desensitization reprocessing, which is an evidence-based form of psychotherapy that is used to treat a wide range of mental health issues, including many types of anxiety, depression, and trauma. Before beginning EMDR therapy, patients will have a history-taking session where they can discuss treatment goals and personal history with their therapist. During your sessions, your EMDR therapist will guide you through processing traumatic memories in a way that allows you to let go of negative thoughts and self-imposed limitations.

Surviving a traumatic event can be extremely overwhelming and often results in a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Some trauma survivors have difficulty with symptoms like painful memories, emotional distress, and hyper-vigilance, which can be disruptive to their daily lives. Trauma can also be the cause of other mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. EMDR is one option available that can help those who are struggling t regain more control over their lives.

Advocates say that EMDR therapy promotes a sense of safety, reshapes harmful perspectives, and helps you turn your negative thoughts into productive and self-affirming ones. The goal of EMDR is to help patients develop healthier emotional processes and reduce symptoms associated with PTSD. It can be particularly helpful for those who don’t feel comfortable discussing details of their trauma through talk therapy yet.

There are hundreds of different types of therapy and practices that people use to take care of their mental health. Since all of us are different, what works for someone else may not be what works for you, which is why it’s so important to explore all your options if you’re struggling with your emotional health or wellbeing. EMDR therapy is one alternative that can be helpful for patients who are dealing with anxiety, depression, or who have been through a traumatic experience, though many people don’t understand what it is.

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