Is Ayurveda not giving you the expected results?

reasons are important to discover

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1)Your Dosha has gained control

An imbalance mind is a devil’s child and can torture, trick, and tease you. When your Dosha gains control over your mind. the innate qualities are masked by the Vikrithi. Thus your ability to follow diet restrictions becomes hard. This results in ignorance towards the treatment.

As you cut down things to become healthy, your mind resists and believes that you are suffering some kind of emotional trauma.

2)Ayurvedic lifestyle is overwhelming

Ayurveda treatment demands changes in your daily routine to fix your misaligned biological clock. Usually, the regime suggested by your doctor seems exorbitant. It might be a huge decision for you to make if the Ayurveda doctor asks you to go to bed at 9 PM because your kid might have the assignment to complete or your boss has booked a call at that time.

Most of our routines are packed with career needs, family obligations, and household chores. Borrowing a small window to sleep or eat better feels like a disruption to the family; a comfortable unhealthy lifestyle.

In times like this, try to remember your primary motive is to get better. The lifestyle changes suggested by the doctor help you realize that you have not given enough time for yourself as you have given for others.

3)Self-prescribing home remedies

Our Indian households are closely connected to home remedies. For ages, we have misinterpreted remedies as Ayurveda treatment. But the remedy is first aid.

Ayurveda suggests a therapeutic diet to cleanse your body. When your doctor says your Kapha needs to be lowered, few of us google Kapha pacifying food and go on a diet without checking with the doctor. This results in another dosha imbalance. You can try improving your diet but never change them. Always talk to the doctor before making significant decisions on your diet or routines.

4)Jumping between Ayurveda doctors

Ayurveda is an oil lamp, not a match stick.

A match stick catches fire brightly and quickly. It immediately spreads the light around the darkness. However, the quirky match stick has a very short lifespan. An oil lamp is a well-built way of chasing the darkness. The wick might take time to catch the flame but slowly increases its light and flame. As time goes, the oil lamp focuses on stabilizing its light. Ayurveda is an oil lamp.

Keeping this story in mind, remember to stick on to one doctor. The Ayurveda physician is trying to stabilize your condition to provide a long-term solution for your chronic illness. The time required to see positive changes in your body is 30-45 days or even more (depends on your condition). So avoid jumping like a monkey from one tree to another. Ayurveda physicians never give band-aids. They aim to heal the wound by embracing your natural immunity and digestive fire.

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