KARMA-the ultimate Law

A universal law that governs our world. Powerful well beyond the law of attraction.

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The doors of infinite possibilities open when you acknowledge and clear your predestined path of karmic blockages. Karma will grow like weeds, however, if left unattended. This is why you must always meet your karmic challenges head on and resolve them in order to progress. Consider these three ways to clean your karma today:

Identify your karma:

Identifying your karma involves scanning your life for repetitive patterns. Make a mental list of things you’ve noticed inexplicably occurring over and over again: Do you jump from one unsatisfying relationship into another, end up in only unrewarding jobs, or notice that people keep treating you in the same unsatisfying manner? If an unpleasant pattern has developed, consider it your karmic duty to cease and reverse the cycle by evaluating when, where, and how the problem first began. The event that established the pattern is your karmic source. You may struggle with partners who abandon you due to a parent having abandoned you as a child. Or, perhaps you have lingering insecurities which hold you back from a better job because you were bullied in school. Acknowledging your karmic source is the first step towards breaking free of unwanted life patterns.

Resolve your karma:

We tend to push stubbornly for the things we want and become frustrated when they don’t manifest. Instead, we should first clarify overdue debts from our past. The single greatest way to resolve past karma is to forgive those who have hurt you and seek a final note of closure. To forgive is to detach, but you must remember to forgive yourself as well. Settle outstanding karma by closing the doors to your past once and for all. If you ended a former relationship on a bad note, send your ex a quick message stating simply that you release any negative energy shared between you and that you hold no hard feelings towards them. If you’ve had conflict with a family member, consider letting go of your ego and apologizing. Mean your words to put an end to lingering karma.

Create positive karma:

Creating positive karma is a daily choice. But you don’t need to go out of your way or make painstaking efforts. All you need to do is act towards others as you would have them act towards you. Rely on old world principles to guide you through life, such as honesty, integrity, fairness, compassion, and patience. Remember never to interfere in the karma of others, such as coming between people or causing conflict. You may share karma with others, but your own actions determine your karmic record.


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