How to have better and more exciting sex in 2022?

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Massage Each Other – Touching Matters

One of the popular starting points for a hot and passionate night is the mutual massage. A variety of tips for erotic massage and Tantric massage are gaining popularity. It has established itself, as a safe erotic technique to achieve maximum sexual pleasure. Sometimes, the usual classic massage also ensures the same effect. The partners undress, touch each other gently, the skin itches, and sensuality is unlocked. Massaging slowly goes to the erogenous zones, after which you will certainly be ready for the big O.

Try Out a New Location

Try playing the love game in a new place. For example – on the way home, in the car, when the garage door is closed. Or once you enter the house, in the hallway, just behind the front door. Whether you stay in the same place after the foreplay or use it, as a warm-up, and then move to the bedroom or elsewhere – the choice is entirely yours.

 Feel, Touch, & Be Sensual

When you trust and devote yourself completely to your senses, you can feel every small detail of love-making. Every emotion and touch becomes stronger and more intense. This is also valid for sound, aroma, and touch. So, turn off the lights and let your senses guide you. This will stimulate you a lot.

Turn Up the Music

Turn on loud music, so you can feel the bass. This will help you concentrate on the rhythm of the music and your partner’s body and vibrationBoth of you will exist in a time-space loophole, designed solely for you.

 Display Your Affection

Sex can be initiated with a few meaningful gestures. For all those who have dirty thoughts from time to time, this is a perfect start in delivery. But also – in receiving love pleasure. When you know exactly what would excite your partner and satisfy him, you can surprise him or her with a few direct seductive statements. Or enter the dream role. This gesture will undoubtedly have a stunning effect.

Play with the Erogenous Zones

It is important for any foreplay to know your partner’s erogenous zones. Fool around the neck, ears, and abdomen. However, do not start directly from them at the beginning of the prelude. Prolong the act of love-making. Many women also love it when their partner kisses them gently on the neck and ears because they are especially sensitive to touch. It makes the whole body goosebumps with arousal. It can then proceed to the breasts, including the nipples, abdomen, and inner thighs.

Take the Clothes Off Slowly!

Instead of tearing each other’s clothes quickly (which is sometimes quite exciting), you can challengingly take off each piece of clothing. Of course, your partner should do the same for you. You can even ‘miss’ a detail and leave, for example, high heels or sexy garters and socks on … Many get excited by having only one piece of garment on. Make sure that erectile dysfunction and prostate problems do not get in the way of passion.


Having good reproductive health means taking care of your psychological, physical, and emotional well-being. Try to remind your partner to take care of his, as well. Virility and arousal go hand in hand with the security that one feels in a relationship. Make sure that you talk extensively and know each other mentally.

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