Healing is simply the process of becoming sound, healthy, and well again.

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Healing is only about the body

Conventional medicine hyper focuses on the body, bodily systems, and what’s physically wrong. In this way, this Cartesian approach is similar to auto mechanics.

In contrast, a spiritual life coach practicing holistic and alternative healing modalities addresses all aspects of healing such as emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic in addition to the physical.

This means your emotional state and your beliefs about your ability to heal are significant. These are all part of healing, rebalancing, and moving your life forward.

The doctor always knows best

Most definitely, conventional medical professionals are highly skilled at what they do.

The problem is the medical field doesn’t sufficiently recognize and account for what patients know about themselves.

Standard, super-quick consultations ignore or downplay significant parts of their patients’ stories that reveal exactly what makes them unique — as well as how equipped they are to shepherd their own healing process.

In addition, most doctors don’t embrace the centrality and competencies of alternative and complementary healers. They simply don’t design their practice around the notion that you’re a complex integrated whole.

Nor do they effectively collaborate with these practitioners to devise an optimal and complete plan for your healing journey.

So, you have to do this for yourself.

Somebody else will cure me

The truth is only you can heal yourself. Health and wellness practitioners can facilitate, but not cure. Even doctors don’t cure.

A surgeon can cut you open and successfully remove a tumor, but you heal your wound.

There’s a magic bullet

Actually, there are no magic bullets. Healing is a journey to reestablish balance.

While you may submit to a specific treatment to introduce change (e.g., undergo surgery or chemotherapy), your system will still be tasked to bring about significant change in order to rebalance and heal.

And you have to support that process yourself.

Healing doesn’t require behavior change

In most instances, recovery without relapse necessitates some form of behavior change.

A simple example is if you want to avoid a second bout of food poisoning, don’t eat again at that restaurant where you got it.But more seriously, cancer remissions seem to endure in those patients who change causal behaviors such as smoking, an unhealthy diet, unsafe sex, and chronic stress.

Good health is about fixing what goes wrong

On the contrary, good health is associated with healthy lifestyles and good health maintenance. Mostly, it’s about prevention and mitigation rather than interventions and emergency treatment.It’s well known that being in good health is a key factor in what helps people heal.

Healing is something you can do alone

You might be thinking that it’s rude, embarrassing, or shameful to express your pain and suffering. And, it’s true, no one appreciates a persistent complainer.

However, loved ones genuinely want to help you even when you’re not at your best.

Plus, when you accept others’ support, you can relax, rest, and restore your health.

In addition, your mental and emotional health support team can share your burden, ensure you adhere to your treatment protocols, conduct research and advocate on your behalf, and uplift your spirits.



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