Manipulators are the people who know just how to trigger you, to push you beyond your limits or wishes and do things their way by applying coercion, rationalising their behavior, guilt tricks, abuse, blame, intimidating thoughts, half truths or even emotions and appreciation.

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Go by your gut feeling.

When you feel that something is wrong with the statements that the person is giving to you or you get bogged down by their behavior, trust your sixth sense or your instincts and try and avoid them.

Take a second opinion, to double check.

If you are scared of what the manipulative person to do to your image, take your close ones into confidence and get to know their opinions about you. If they know you well, unless they are naïve, they will not be influenced by anyone’s words.

Create a boundary line. Let them know your limits.

For instance, “If you continue such conversations, I will limit myself to only formal meet-ups.” The limitation should be for your own self too, so that you do not go beyond your means to make that person happy. Once they understand that you are firm, they will respect it and behave accordingly.

Finally when one family member or friend is acting manipulative, confide in another family member, your spouse or friend which can help alleviate your feelings of depression and confusion to a great extent. There are some relationships you cannot forego, but it helps to distance yourself so that you do not lose your calm and your mental well-being.


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