root chakra in Sanskrit is called मूलाधार (muladhara), or the foundation.

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1. Pay more attention to your body.

The first step is to become more aware of how your body is feeling throughout the day. Many people tune out their physiological signals, due to chronic pain, depression, or anxiety. It’s crucial to take time throughout the day to check in and periodically ask yourself: “How am I feeling?” Notice any areas of tension in your body and consciously relax them.

Paying attention to your body’s needs is vital to building up your root chakra. Remember that a building is only as sturdy as it’s foundation!

2. Organize and decorate your living space.

Keeping a clean and bright home environment can have a hugely positive impact on your root chakra. It is important for physical and mental health that you like your home and feel good where you are living. Without this basic sense of comfort and peace of mind, how can you feel grounded?

Have a regular time of day or day(s) of the week where you specifically focus on cleaning. It’s not only good for health and mental discipline — cleaning can be a powerful spiritual practice, too. As the saying goes, “cleanliness is next to Godliness.”

3. Exercise at least three times per week.

Going for long walks, jogging, swimming, practicing yoga, or participating in other physical activities like dance or competitive sports energizes the body. Physical movement not only brings life to the root chakra, but it also helps to soften any rigidity that may have developed there. Exercise is such a natural part of life that it’s no wonder people feel depressed or lethargic without it.

Being active gets the blood going, cleans the pores, and releases powerful neurotransmitters in the brain that make you feel upbeat and positive. It’s 100% worth it to somehow find a way to make exercise a regular part of your life.

4. Give yourself abhyanga (self-massage) at least once per week.

Ayurveda, the traditional Indian science of medicine, strongly recommends a daily self-massage for maintaining good health. This detoxifies the skin, works the body tissues, promotes blood flow, and relaxes the muscles. If you can’t fit in a self-massage every day, try starting off at least once a week. What better way to relieve stress and cultivate a habit of self-care than a regular massage? Ten to twenty minutes is all it takes to make an immediate and noticeable impact. Trust me, you’ll feel the difference.

5. Practice yoga.

Yoga is especially helpful for grounding your consciousness, and many specific yoga asanas can be used to help strengthen your root chakra. Tadasana (mountain pose), trikonasana (triangle pose), and adho mukha svanasana are all especially effective.

6. Wear red clothing.

The color red stimulates the energy of the root chakra and can help bring it into balance. Seeing different earthy shades — reds, browns, purples, etc. — helps us to slow us down. They’re naturally grounding. There’s a reason that red light has the lowest frequency of all lightwaves on the color spectrum. And that red is the color used on STOP signs and stoplights. Interesting, isn’t it?

7. Cultivate a relationship with Mother Earth.

Spending time in nature and appreciating the spiritual energy that animates the natural world is a powerful healing practice for the root chakra. Earth is the element of the first chakra. Being in nature, feeling the grass beneath your feet, hearing the sounds of birdsong, and seeing the vivid colors of flowers and trees all have a very positive and stimulating effect for the root chakra.

8. Practice meditation.

Chakra meditationmantra meditation, and walking meditation are all great practices for healing the muladhara chakra. In fact, meditation is one of the most grounding activities you can do. The entire purpose, according to the Sage Patanjali, is to quiet the mind so that you can experience the pure awareness of the Self. Perfecting this process is tantamount to enlightenment.

Affirmations for Healing the Root Chakra

Below affirmations will help to strengthen and nourish the root chakra. In addition, chanting and meditating on the Sanskrit syllable, LAM (pronounced like “lum-ber” with a nasal intonation on the “m”) will balance the root chakra.

“I am eternal. I am safe from harm”
“My body is a gift. My body is a sacred place.”
“God / The Universe provides for all my needs.”
“Life is meant for more than mere survival.”
“I am connected to the healing energy of Mother Earth.”
“I regularly fulfill my need for spiritual nourishment.”
“I want God / The Universe to be the center and focus of my life.”

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