With that in mind, let’s explore some methods which can help you to stop feeling trapped

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Take responsibility for your life:

Feeling trapped can cause us to adopt the victim role which revolves around avoiding self-responsibility. It’s normal to feel sad about your situation, but self pity ultimately gets you nowhere.

In order to feel better, you need to take responsibility for your life, which means deciding to create change from a conscious and intentional place. Realize that happiness is what happens when you step up and claim ownership of your life.

Make little changes each day:

Do something new each day. Approaching your life differently little by little will help you to regain faith in your own power. Even if you’re in a really tight, oppressive, and constricting situation where it feels like there’s no escape, what one little thing can you do to regain a sense of self-sovereignty each day?

For example, maybe you decide to take a new route to the shops or set the habit of researching one new way to become financially independent each day. No matter how small and seemingly inconsequential the change is, do it. Commit to it with religious fervor.

Make a bullsh*t list:

Sit down and think about all the things in your life that you believe are limiting you.By becoming very clear about what is making you unhappy, you’ll find it easier to escape the cage that has been built around your life by stepping up and saying “no, this isn’t acceptable.”

Create energy barriers:

Are you over-extending yourself and getting bogged down by too many commitments? Learn how to notice your energy levels and step away when you’re getting too overwhelmed. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • Where in life am I giving more than getting? Is it really worth it?
  • Who or what is  draining my vital life force energy?
  • What kind of energy barriers do I need to set up in my relationships and work life?
  • How much time am I really ready to dedicate to _____ ?

Draw a line and don’t let anyone cross it, not even yourself.

Take a plant medicine:

Obviously there is a disclaimer here: plant medicine is best taken with an experienced a healer and you should seek professional advice if you suffer from mental illness (and abide by local laws, etc. etc.).

But going through such an experience can quite literally change your entire perspective of life.Taking plant medicine is a sacred and profound experience which can help you develop new perspectives on your life, and even significantly reduce mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety.

Reconnect with your soul:

Plant medicine is one powerful and foolproof way of reconnecting with your soul. However, if you prefer other methods, you might like to explore various  practices such as vision quests, journaling, spiritual meditation, mindful exercises, catharsis, music, and other alternative forms of medicine that can help awaken this deep presence within you.

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