There are also myriad benefits of kissing, from helping to reduce stress levels to potentially supporting your immune system.

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Focus on your partner.

The No. 1 most important trait of being a better kisser is paying attention to your partner’s response. Too often we learn a ‘technique’ and become completely dedicated to that way of doing things.The goal of kissing shouldn’t be mastering one particular “move” but to get to know your partner’s particular desires.

Ask, ask, ask!

It’s so obvious, but many people are scared to ask their partner what they like because they think it will make them look foolish. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite!If it feels intimidating, you can think of it as a sexy and fun way to learn together instead of something that indicates that something has been “wrong” up until now. You can say, “I want to kiss you even better, so let’s spend 15 minutes teaching me exactly what you like and how you like it. Then we can turn the tables, and I’ll do the same for you!”

 Prioritize kissing.

Often kissing is thought of as a precursor to sex, instead of an intimate activity in its own right. Set time aside where you focus just on kissing. You can ramp up the excitement by telling your partner you can only kiss and not take off any clothes for X number of minutes. By focusing purely on kissing, you’ll become more adept at it.

Build it up.

Once you get into it, start with the softest, most feathery kisses you can manage. Then slowly work up to kissing harder and faster. You can also use your hands at the same time to caress and passionately grab your partner for extra emphasis.

Use your tongue.

Work on your tongue game. Try different patterns and strokes, alternating pressures and rhythms. See what your partner responds well to when it comes to this so-called French kissing.

 Involve your whole body.

Playfully lean forward and away as you kiss your partner. Graze your hands over their arms and legs. Grind your hips against theirs if that’s something you’re both comfortable with. These actions help to increase the desire between the two of you and add an edge to your kisses.

Brush up.

It’s also important to stay on top of your oral hygiene. Make sure you brush and floss at least twice a day. A quick swill of mouthwash before a kissing session is also considerate. You want your date to focus on how good it feels to kiss you, not on how much your mouth tastes like noodles.

Get consent.

There’s nothing sexier than consent. There will not always be the Hollywood movie moment where the two people dive in for a passionate kiss. A simple ‘Can I kiss you?’ with eye-gazing and a smile shows that you are into clear communication and respect.

Positive feedback is everything.

Want a kiss booster? Tell your partner they’re a good kisser. If that’s not how you feel, you can still give them compliments with some constructive critique in the middle. When giving constructive criticisms, use “I” sentences so it won’t look as if your kissing partner failed at kissing you. These statements soften the blow and make it easier for the other person to overcome.

 Use your words.

Kissing is a way of expressing desire or affection without words, but the pleasure that you can derive from a kiss can be intensified if you also tell your partner how you feel about them before the kiss.

Close your eyes.

Closing your eyes increases the sensual nature of the kiss because it forces both parties to anticipate what will happen next. Not knowing exactly what will happen next is part of the excitement. If you accidentally open your eyes to see your partner staring at you, it can be a little off-putting. Eyes closed is safest unless otherwise specified.

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