You are truly being great when you are expressing your soul; for your soul is an expression of God.

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1) Become the observer of yourself: watch yourself keenly in all that you do, and work to constantly anchor into the infinite potential of the One: the Sacred Ground of Being.

2) Let go of the need for the situation you’re in, to go a particular way, or for it to be supported by those immediately around you. But do watch for revelatory feedback loops that might come in an unusual way.

3) Commit to the true purpose of EVERY moment: that being to unleash some authentic expression of you, that simply feels “right”. In whatever you do, wherever you find yourself, recognise there is nothing else truly going on, but the revelation of authentic you.

4) Open an internal space by relaxing into the moment and letting go the need for a particular outcome. Feel the quiet downward flow of new perceptions and nuances. Let your existence steadily become multidimensional, informed by divine signs and synchronicity in the outer.

5) Continually innovate your life and how you do things. Don’t settle today for the you of yesterday. In any given situation, break through the density that’s holding you back, by daring to express the possibility of a new iteration of you.

6) Look for new ways to create. Whether it be writing, art, music, video, poetry, craft and making things, look for something that challenges you to unleash new skills. Don’t worry about ‘failing’  – watch what arises around you and simply create for creations sake

7) When you find your passion in life, give all of yourself, all your emotion, to expressing into it. Commit on a daily basis to the practices that amplify and enhance it. Meditation for example, deep consciousness body work, conscious eating, connection with nature. Be prepared to sacrifice immediate comfort for long term soul growth.

8) Pay attention to how the multidimensional landscape starts to shift with your emergent authentic beingness. Watch the flows, patterning, signs and synchronicity that support you. Surrender yourself into the dreamspace of divine co-creativity.

9) Step positively forwards into the world, on the path that is now clearly informed by your soul. Keep centering in that yearning and passion to actualise authentic you. Don’t settle for anything less. Be prepared to make mistakes, but to learn, evolve and grown in the process.

t’s time to break out of the shell. Everything is changing and there will come a point, if not already, when you realise you’ve absolutely nothing to lose but your smallness. Everything in the 3D will ultimately come to pass, so why be limited by the current landscape? We’ve been constraining our light for too long now, when there’s so much of us still left to realise and actualise. Why allow only the few to have all the fun?!


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