We often focus our energy and time on the big events and experiences in our lives.

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  1. I dare you to be more loving.
  2. I dare you to enjoy your life.
  3. I dare you to see yourself as prosperous.
  4. I dare you to speak up.
  5. I dare you to live in the moment.
  6. I dare you to surrender.
  7. I dare you to delete mental garbage.
  8. I dare you to forgive yourself.
  9. I dare you to move beyond your fear.
  10. I dare you to expect the best.
  11. I dare you to release attack thoughts and negativity.
  12. I dare you to believe in your own success.
  13. I dare you to take small steps.


We want our lives to be adventurous, our children to be happy and our relationships to last.We want to find the best career, the perfect lover or live in the coolest city.

Meanwhile, we overlook the daily practices that can bring peace, joy and comfort to our lives especially when things don’t go as we expect.Do above darings everyday to add meaning to the action with results to be as expected.

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