Chakras are part of the subtle body, not the physical body.

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You’re blocked by fear (root chakra):

A clear sign that your root chakra is out of whack is a strong sense of fear and paranoia along with a looming feeling of disconnection and imbalance.

Many people feel this way. That’s because this chakra is also known as the earth chakra, and many of us grew up in lopsided cultures that falsely perceived a separation between nature and culture. We were raised to believe that we are separate from the earth, and that the earth must be conquered and controlled rather than appreciated as an extension of our own interdependence.

As a result, we have millions of dysfunctional humans running around with blocked root chakras, unaware of their misalignment with the earth. The majority of us are unmindful victims of an epidemic nature deprivation. The average person has been severed from the source, and they’re not even aware of it.

You’re blocked by guilt (sacral chakra):

A clear sign that your sacral chakra is blocked is an overwhelming feeling of guilt and self-blame along with the threatening feeling that you will never feel pleasure again.

Guilt is a bugger of an emotion. It hangs around like a thorn in the side. It forces us to look backward into the shattered mirror of regret. It tricks us into believing that the past can be different if we just dwell on it a little bit longer and bemoan it a little bit more.

You’re blocked by shame (solar plexus chakra):

A clear sign that your solar plexus chakra is blocked is a crushing feeling of shame and humiliation accompanied with an overwhelming sense of insecurity and self-doubt.

Shame is very difficult to resolve, because a little shame is necessary to keep us humble and unassuming. The same can be said for insecurity and self-doubt. These are all healthy in tiny doses. But when we’re blocked by them they tend to sap our willpower and disintegrate our resolve. We feel unworthy and our self-esteem is so low it becomes a crippling thing.

You’re blocked by grief (heart chakra):

A clear sign that your heart chakra is blocked is a profound feeling of grief and angst coupled with a miserable feeling of apathy and ennui.

This is usually due to love lost, a death in the family, unmet expectations, and/or an inability to let go of the ego’s attachment to love.

We experience a lack of empathy on the emotional level, and a lack of openness and flexibility on the spiritual level. We have trouble loving ourselves, and we become afraid to be vulnerable with others.

When we’re blocked by grief we’re blocked by our ego’s attachment to the way things could have been. There’s a lot of “if only” and “Shouda-wouda-coulda.” We become so wrapped up in the misery of having lost something that we forget about the only moment in which anything can truly be gained: the present moment.

You’re blocked by lies (throat chakra):

A clear sign that your throat chakra is blocked is a closed-in feeling of inauthenticity and dishonesty coupled with claustrophobic feelings of insecurity and anxiousness.

Many people experience closed throat chakras, that’s because the majority of us live in unhealthy hyperreal cultures filled with deception and lies. As a result, we’re often lying to ourselves without even realizing it, and we’re unable to be honest with ourselves or genuine with others.

We find it difficult to be impeccable with our word and so we experience poor communication with ourselves, with others, and with the greater cosmos. The truth seems elusive and sometimes even unreachable, so we shut down and become codependent agents just going through the motions of an anxiety-riddled life.

You’re blocked by illusion (third eye chakra):

A clear sign that your third eye chakra is blocked is a strong feeling of dissociation, like you’re living in a dream world, coupled with poor intuition and a weak sense of identity.

Ah, the famous third eye. This chakra is often closed in our western societies because we are conditioned to view the world as separate from us. But the illusion of separation is the greatest illusion of all. Everything is connected to everything else.

Yet when we’re blocked to this deep understanding, we’re under the impression that the self (ego) is in opposition with the world (soul). When really, self and world, ego and soul, are all connected.

A blocked third eye is just a perception of reality hung-up on the surface of reality (or worse, locked into the prison of a hyper-reality). An unblocked third eye is a perception of reality that goes beyond the surface and allows for a deep interconnectedness with all things.

You’re blocked by attachment (crown chakra):

A clear sign that your crown chakra is blocked is a feeling of existential angst and nihilistic numbness along with a feeling of disconnection between mind, body, and soul.

This is the most elusive chakra of all, and thus the most difficult to open. Even once opened, it is the most difficult to keep open, or to reopen. That’s because this chakra deals with attachment in a deeply existential and ontological way.

Our limited perception of our existence, our very essence, must be annihilated and replaced with a detachment that obliterates the ego. Our feeling of finitude is smeared out into a heightened state of awareness of infinity. An unblocked crown chakra is a fountainhead of the infinite.

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