Sometimes, there can be a predominant personality trait for each sign that can prove to be a veritable hindrance to enjoying a smooth love life.

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People born under this sign tend to be a tad secretive. If you withhold a lot of information from your partner, chances are your SO wouldn’t be able to trust you.

Taureans tend to cling to their past a lot more than they should. Dwelling in the past can only hurt your present. So, seize the day!

As the saying goes, fools rush in where angels fear to tread. So, take things slowly – rushing things in your relationship can only lead to mistakes that you might regret greatly.

Cancerians may appear strong to you, but there’s an extremely soft, emotional core inside them. Sometimes they can get too emotional and hurt easily.

Lions are born free and they are meant to remain free. Similarly, people born under this sign tend to value their independence above everything else in life. Watch out, this could be read as self-centredness.

Virgo men and women crave for perfection. Well, the sad thing is, nothing is perfect in this world and chasing the illusion of perfection can only affect your relationships.

Indecisiveness is the cardinal sin they are likely to commit in their relationships. So, Librans, if you want stability in your love life, don’t take too much time for making up your mind about issues.

Scorpions tend to be manipulative sometimes. Any kind of manipulation, emotional or otherwise, can prove toxic for any relationship.

The issue here is loyalty. Sagittarians can easily get distracted and bored and hop from one relationship to another.

They are hard-working people. Sometimes they can end up being workaholics. All work and no play can hardly strengthen your relationship.

People born under this sign need to hone their communication skills, when it comes to relationships. Clear communication is the foundation of a great love affair.

Pisceans tend to latch on to unrealistic expectations. That can only put a strain on your relationship.

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