throat chakra is known in Sanskrit as विशुद्ध (visuddha), or “the purified.”

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  1. Try mantra meditation. Mantra meditation involves quiet repetition of a short phrase, known as a mantra. This is an effective technique for improving your mental power, self-discipline, and ability to empathize with others.
  2. Take singing lessons. Learning to sing can strengthen your voice and provide a powerful outlet for pent-up feelings and pain that are stuck in the region of the fifth chakra.
  3. Practice active listening. Active listening involves paying close attention to what others say in a conversation and responding in a way that shows you understand them.
  4. Join a public speaking group. Learning to give a toast or a speech is a great way to boost your self-confidence and communication skills. This can have a significant impact on other areas of your life as well.
  5. Do a silent retreat. If you find it difficult to reduce your talking, gossiping, or mental chatter, a silent retreat can help you develop restraint. It can also give you a glimpse of the joys of silence.

Below, we list affirmations which help to strengthen and nourish the fifth chakra. In addition, chanting and meditating on the Sanskrit syllable, HUM (pronounced like “hum-ble” with a nasal intonation on the “m”) will balance this chakra. You can also try out chakra meditation.

Affirmations to Restore the Throat Chakra

“I own my words and my power to speak.”
“I will not deceive others.”
“God / the Universe is the Supreme Truth.”

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