third eye chakra is known in Sanskrit as आज्ञा (ajna — pronounced “uh-gya”), meaning “the authority.”

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Here are some steps you can take to heal your third eye chakra:

  1. Start a journal. Journaling is a great tool for releasing excess mental energy. Delusions and fantasies often lose their power over us once they are put on paper. Starting an art journal or a dream journal can also be useful ways of energizing your sixth chakra if you believe yours is deficient.
  2. Read more books. Reading nourishes your imagination, stimulates your mind, and exposes you to ideas and worldviews different from your own. This can help balance your third eye chakra.
  3. Practice meditation. There are many different types of meditation, but they share common benefits: improved concentration, reduced stress, and a pacified mind.
  4. Learn a strategy game. Chess, checkers, go, and other strategy games can develop your analytical thinking skills and ability to focus, thus strengthening your sixth chakra.
  5. Get therapy. If you feel at all mentally unstable, an experienced psychotherapist or counselor will be able to talk through what is troubling you and offer the right treatment.

Below, we list affirmations which help to strengthen and nourish the sixth chakra. In addition, chanting and meditating on the Sanskrit syllable, OM (pronounced like “home” with a nasal intonation on the “m”) will balance this chakra. You can also try out chakra meditation.

Affirmations to Restore the Third Eye Chakra

“I honor my intuition.”
“I am not all-knowing.”
“Through humility and prayer, I can access divine guidance.”

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