The spiritual ego builds on top of this fundamental ego that we carry around

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Points to Ponder:-

  • Claiming to have “special access” to a spirit guide/angel/spirit/ascended master for the purposes of self-aggrandizement
  • Believing oneself to be the reincarnation of a superior being, famous spiritual historical figure, etc., and broadcasting that to everyone
  • Taking frequent pictures of one’s spiritual practice and posting them online in order to boost one’s self-image, status, and gain attention or validation
  • Declaring that others can’t possibly understand you because you have attained a certain state of ‘high vibrational awareness,’ awakening, liberation, etc. – and showing contempt for those who aren’t at the same ‘level’ (instead of being compassionate)
  • Using Dharma-talk to avoid being psychologically vulnerable, showing empathy, and facing human emotions (e.g., “Just let go and let be,” “You attracted that experience,” “Who is there to experience this?”)
  • Looking down on “low vibe,” “unevolved,” “unawakened,” and “asleep” people
  • Boasting about and flaunting spiritual achievements or gifts (e.g., amazing mystical experiences, clairvoyant abilities, yoga certifications, etc.)
  • Imitating what a “spiritual person” looks and sounds like


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