Emotional trauma occurs when a negative event(s) occurs that overwhelms our coping abilities.

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 You’re “done” with relationships

Many people claim to be done with the love BS, but it’s just not true.

Can you be ‘done’ with food? No, you’d physically starve yourself. Just like that, you simply can’t be ‘done’ with relationships. You’d emotionally starve yourself.

  • Loving
  • and feeling loved

…are basic human needs. You cannot just be ‘done’ with them.

It’s simply your subconscious taking extravagant measures in order to avoid the slightest possibility of emotional pain.

You build a series of short-lasting relationships

You get into a relationship that’s more than just casual — but it doesn’t last too long. Soon, you break things up. And then you find yourself on a dating app looking for a new love thing.

And this cycle repeats itself several times.

 You always move way past the due point of a breakup

In any relationship (but one) there comes a time when you know deep down that it’s time. It’s time to break up. However, you move past these points. Your subconscious mind ignores the feeling. Your conscious mind reinforces that ignorance.

It might seem like a normal human reaction to wanting to not give up on love. However, it’s entirely possible that it’s a sign of emotional trauma

But this type of emotional trauma is more difficult to notice. That’s because it’s the kind that’s rendered inactive or latent by the presence of the tag of your current relationship.

It’s as if your body has deep physical pain, and the pain is relieved with pressure. The deep physical pain is your emotional trauma. And your current relationship provides that pressure that relieves that pain.

You always need people around

People — and the accompanying chitchat can be a powerful distraction from your emotional pain. That’s why some people just can’t be alone. They constantly need people around them.

You’ll see that such people hang out with many different people. They’ll hang out with just about anyone — because they’d rather not be alone. In many cases, I’ve observed such people hang out even with people whose guts they claim to hate behind their backs.

You’re happy when you see your ex suffer

This one’s obvious.

You can tell a lot about a person’s emotional status — specifically regarding their past relationships — depending on how they react when they hear about their ex’s life.

You seek validation from a specific person — or a group of people

When you seek validation from a specific person or a group of people, it’s possible that they have traumatized you emotionally.



When we were children, our coping abilities were insignificant. And hence, even small negative events that wouldn’t shake our structure as an adult could have left some profound emotional scars on our psyche.

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