It's like your peeing problem has taken over your life

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Just because a swollen prostate in older males is an accepted fact, does not mean you have to accept to live with it. Not anymore.

Scientists have now figured out the real cause of your swollen prostate, and how to tackle it.

The big enemies of your prostate are all blocked by this  following amazing prostate defenders:—-

Prostate Defender # 1: Stinging Nettle Root

One, as it limits the amount of locked-up testosterone in SHBG, there is less testosterone to be converted.

In a normal healthy body only 2% of the total testosterone is free. The rest has been arrested, or locked up by something called sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG).Just think of the SHBG as a room in which the testosterone is locked up.Two, the powerful phytonutrients in nettle root also block the aromatase enzymes.It’s like taking out the pitcher and the striker in a baseball game.

In addition to increasing free testosterone levels and decreasing estrogen levels, nettle root does something else.The phytosterols in the stinging nettle root likes SHBG so much that it competes with the testosterone that’s already locked up in the SHBG and tries to push it out.So in effect, the stinging nettle root prevents testosterone from getting locked up and also frees-up some of the locked testosterone.That takes care of the free testosterone levels in your body.

Now, let us look at how stinging nettle helps prevent that estrogen build-up.

Here’s how it happens.

After the testosterone is locked up by SHBG, an enzyme called aromatase converts the locked up testosterone into estradiol, which is nothing but estrogen.Nettle root also  prevents estrogen (estradiol)formation in two  different ways.

Prostate Defender # 2: Saw Palmetto

The actual name is Serenoa repens, but it’s called Saw Palmetto because the edges of its palm shaped leaf are sharp and serrated like a saw.The fruits of the Saw Palmetto plant are rich with fatty acids and phytosterols.

In a study published by The Journal of Phytomedicine … a whopping 90% of men with mild to moderate prostate symptoms experienced relief when taking this botanical for 4-6 weeks!

Since then, more than 21 clinical studies have confirmed these results, showing Saw Palmetto helps:

 Reduce frequency of trips to the bathroom

 Improve urine flow

 Improve the patient’s quality of life.

Especially when used in the dosage of 400 mg or more per day. But that’s just the beginning.While Saw Palmetto, by itself, is proven to fight symptoms of a swollen prostate.When it combines with stinging nettle root, results start to get a lot better.

Prostate Defender # 3: Pumpkin Seed Oil

Many of you may not know this but pumpkin seed oil has been studied for more than two decades as a natural solution to relieve a swollen prostate!

One of the first notable studies was published 23 years ago.In this study, 43 patients with swollen prostate were given pumpkin seed oil.

They showed measurable improvements in their lower urinary tract symptoms including:—

 Improved urinary flow

 Faster emptying of the bladder

 Less residual urine left in the bladder after urination

 Fewer visits to the bathroom

The good thing was, all that improvement was seen without any harsh side effects!

While pumpkin seed oil, by itself, is proven to fight symptoms of a swollen prostate, results start to get really exciting when you combine it with Saw Palmetto.

Prostate Defender #3: Lycopene

Lycopene is the naturally occurring carotenoid present in tomatoes; it’s what gives them their bright red hue.

But the million-dollar question that you need to ask is: Are you eating enough tomatoes to experience the prostate protecting effects of lycopene?

Probably not!

In a 1995 study, the Harvard School of Public Health looked at over 47,000 male participants and found that…

The risk of developing serious prostate health issues is 45% less in people who ate more than 10 servings of tomato foods per week.

And what’s really significant is that the National Cancer Institute agreed with their findings!

Do you eat 10+ servings of tomatoes per week? Most people don’t know how much tomatoes they consume.

If you ask me, my best answer would be – I’m not sure.But one thing I’m sure of – If both Harvard and the National Cancer Institute say it may be beneficial, it makes sense to get the daily dose of lycopene?

Prostate Defender # 4: Vitamin E

Your prostate cells are constantly being threatened by DNA-damaging agents. This sets the stage for more serious prostate issues including a swollen prostate.

In one such study, 29,000 men aged 50-69 were randomly prescribed to take a daily dose of alpha-tocopherol for between 5 and 8 years.The results were truly impressive – In the people taking alpha-tocopherol, prostate issues decline by as much as 41%.

Prostate Defender # 5: Selenium

While scientists and researchers are working hard in trying to figure out the role of Selenium in prostate health…

Evidence is piling up that this trace mineral has a lot of potential to protect men against more serious prostate-related health issues.In a head-to-head comparative study published by The Harvard Medical School, a team of scientists working in seven different American health centers gave either 200 micrograms of selenium or a placebo to over 1,300 volunteers with an average age of 63.

The results were more than impressive:

Patients who took the daily 200 mcg dose of Selenium  were 63% less likely to suffer from a serious prostate concern!

And in the 7.6 years that followed, this same group continued to have a 49% lower risk of prostate-related health issues.

Researchers caution, as you might expect, that further research is needed to completely confirm the role of selenium in prostate health.However, after reviewing this study by the Harvard Medical School, I couldn’t ignore the importance of Selenium,which is why  i suggest  a 200 mcg daily dose of Selenium under doctors supervision.




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