Age is just a number but love is eternal

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Does Age Really Matter In Relationships?

Generally, it doesn’t. A relationship depends on the understanding and connection between two individuals, regardless of their age. A couple can have a strong relationship as long as they love, respect and care for each other. Having a partner, who is a few years older than you, is considered normal but when the age gap is too wide then it may look unconventional.

Merits Of Having An Age Gap In A Relationship

Here are some of the merits of having an age gap in the relationship.

  1. Maturity: The older one in the relationship can help make mature decisions, emotionally and also financially. They may also bring in their maturity in times of discord in the relationship, due to past experiences.
  2. Interesting views: A couple with an age gap can have different views and outlook towards life. It brings in some freshness into the relationship and helps each other understand and accept the other’s ideas.
  3. Financial stability: An older partner is likely to be settled better as they start it early in life. This provides an added advantage of a stable financial position for the couple.
  4. A healthy balance: In the long run as the couple ages, the younger partner can support the older one physically, financially and emotionally. This also helps in keeping the family and the children stable.

Possible Drawbacks In Age Gap Relationships

1.Priorities in life: People of different ages have different priorities in life. The priorities of one partner might look frivolous to the other, thus bringing a psychological gap between them.

2.Unsatisfactory romance: The intimate moments between the couple may not be as satisfactory as they want it to be. The younger partner might want it to be more active and frequent while the older one may not see it that way.

3.Socializing: Couples with large age gaps may or may not have a common social group. They may end up attending different social gatherings, hanging out with people of different ages. The friends of one partner may not like the presence of a much older/younger person.

It is not necessary that all the age-gap relationships have these drawbacks because it all depends on how well you understand the relationship and take it forward.

Love, trust, care, and affection are the elements that matter in a relationship to work. You can make a broad age gap relationship work if these basic elements are intact. Whether or not to have a far older or younger partner is purely a personal decision. But once a decision has been made, you need to give your everything to make the relationship work.

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