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1. Go for a walk.

Whether in your backyard, down the street, or in the closest park.

2. Sit outside and breathe in the scents of nature.

What smells can you pick up wafting gently in the air? Eucalyptus? Basil? Rose? Lavender? Nature is the best aromatherapist.

3. Walk on grass with your bare feet.

Be careful of dog poo and other nasties! Find a clean patch of grass, whether in your backyard or the local playground, and let your feet feel the ground. This is known as a form of “earthing” because it helps you to dispel stagnant energies from your body and absorb fresh, vibrant energies of the earth.

4. Sit under a tree (or hug it if you are brave).

Yes, I’m aware how hippy la-la this sounds, but bear with me for a few seconds. Trees hugging – although much maligned – has been scientifically proven to make you feel better. But you don’t need to cuddle a trunk to reap the benefits. Simply sitting with your back against a tree is a potent way to get back in touch with the innate joy of being.

5. Go bird-spotting.

How many birds can you name or newly discover?

6. Go feather/seashell collecting.

If you are fortunate enough to live near the ocean or near a woodland of some kind you might like to get creative and go on the lookout for beautiful natural trinkets. You might like to collect them for an art project, or you might like to just simply keep a private collection for your own pleasure.

7. Look up at the sky or look out at the ocean.

The sky and the ocean are some of the most soothing and symbolic aspects of nature. Whenever I have the time I love looking up and watching the night sky with the moon and stars reminding me of how tiny I truly am. The sky and ocean are vast, endless things, and therefore help to expand the mind and foster a feeling of expansiveness inside.

8. Plant a small garden.

Whether you like to garden privately or in a public gathering, nurturing and tending to life is immensely soothing and enjoyable. You could choose to plant flowers, herbs, vegetables, fruits or exotic species of plant – the options are endless.

9.Collect Flowers

Collect and press flowers by flattening them out in a heavy book. Use them for hand-made cards or scrap-booking projects. Remember to give your thanks to nature for such a gift (and don’t get too greedy with the plucking!).

10.Sit in silence and do nothing

You don’t necessarily have to “do” anything to reap the benefits of ecotherapy. Often doing nothing and simply “being” is the best way to get back in touch with yourself, others and the world at large.


Now more than ever, ecotherapy is an invaluable way of curing our neurotic human condition. Spending 10 minutes every day consciously reconnecting with nature could be all you need to revolutionize the way you live your life.

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