We don't often think of infatuation versus love when we first find ourselves attracted to someone new

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Love endures changes, infatuation does not

Infatuation is fleeting and does not respond well to change.

Infatuation is age-oriented

Love has no limit when it pertains to age and grows to accommodate.

 Infatuation occurs quickly

Sometimes infatuation develops at first sight. Love is a gradual process.

Love requires commitment

Commitment and nurturance from both partners are present in real love. Infatuation does not want or desire a commitment.

Infatuation brings out obsession and jealousy

Love brings out understanding and trust.

Infatuation is shallow

Infatuation is as deep as a puddle, but genuine love runs deep and extends outward.

 No secure foundation exists with infatuation

Infatuation is like walking on shaky ground; love is solid and strong.

 Love grows with friendship

Infatuation grows with desire.

 Infatuation wanders from person to person

Real love is monogamous. Infatuation is never content with one person.

Love is considerate and thoughtful

Infatuation is guided by reckless and impulsive emotions.

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