Its easier than u think to turn negative Stress into positive Experience

just a change of approach

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1)Don’t be afraid of fear
Welcome it. If you’re in a challenging situation and you feel your heart beating faster and your palms getting a little sweaty, just acknowledge this to yourself and reassure yourself that it’s normal and you’ll be fine. In fact, it’s more than fine: Having some adrenaline flowing through your body can actually help you perform better, with more energy and emotional vitality. Accept your feelings and accept yourself. You’ll feel more in control and your anxiety will likely diminish.
2)Maintain a positive expectation
If you’re giving a presentation or any other performance, imagine it positively. Enact it in your mind, picturing yourself doing a great job. Imagine your audience being receptive and appreciative. Repeat often. Your positive expectancy helps you feel confident and energized, helping to create a self-fulfilling prophecy. Enact the performance in real life, too, by practicing and making sure you have done your homework and are fully prepared. Knowing that you’re prepared for the task will boost your confidence. Positive expectancy is based on a realistic appraisal of your ability, not magic.
3)Talk to yourself positively when facing a stressful challenge
Do it with thoughts like: “I can handle this—it’s no big deal,” “I’ve dealt with harder things than this,” “What can I learn from this?” and “How can I grow from this?” Again, be sure to prepare and practice to the extent that it’s possible, since this will reinforce your positive thoughts.
4)Reject perfectionism and reinterpret failure
Doing well does not require perfection, and a less-than-perfect performance is not failure. A new interpretation of failure might be failing to try new things because of fear.
5)Befriend your breath
Breathing is the all-purpose stress reliever, always available. Slow, full, rhythmic breathing will help you manage stress and feel more in control.
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