Feminine strengths are often measured by the heart, and such soothing, playful, mysticism is important to avoiding monotony, stress, spiritual-emptiness, and burn out.

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Keep a feelings journal.

Feelings Journal is a way to check with yourself and exercise emotional intelligence. Jot down a few words that describe how you felt in response to a situation, such as getting stuck in a traffic jam or receiving a compliment. Each entry should use 1-3 emotion adjectives, a label for the trigger for those emotions, the date, and time of day. When this exercise is done regularly, you will notice patterns and sharpen emotional perceptivity as a means of acting in harmony with emotions, instead of reacting to them.

Selflessly serve a cause.

A mother gives without expecting anything in return. This divine feminine quality can be developed by treating the world as our metaphorical child, for whom we want to provide love, nourishment, and a positive growth-environment. Try volunteering at a shelter, tutoring at a library, or donating blood.

Feed someone.

All beings are in search for a place to live and something to eat. The divine Mother is the shelter for these basic needs. Whether it is your family, neighbor, or pet, preparing a meal with love and sharing it will strengthen this energy.

Plant a seed.

Because the Earth is our home, it is important to honor, interact with, and cultivate a relationship with our source of food, oxygen, water, and life. Creating less disposable waste is another way to honor and protect this form of divine feminine which exists as Mother Earth (Bhū-devī).

Be soft with yourself and others.

Practice non-judgment, active listening, and forgiveness. Chose to hear and see others and accept them for who they are. Be flexible in your disciplines when full precision is not feasible. Rest when necessary and recognize the positivity in imperfections.

Practice Chandra Bhedana Pranayama, Left Nostril Breathing.

The lunar energy channel of the body, Iḍā Nāḍī, is feminine in nature, and can be activated by inhaling through the left nostril. To do this breathing exercise, block the right nostril and inhale through the left, then block the left nostril and inhale through the right. Repeat this cycle for 1 to 3 minutes. This pranayama will quiet the mind and create cool, stillness in the body.

Display an image of a Goddess.

Chose a Goddess form or female archetype which calls to you, such as Sri Radha, Durga Maa, or Lakshmi Devi. Print and frame a photo of the Goddess and display it in a special place in your home, like your meditation area. Acknowledge the qualities of this Goddess that you find attractive. You can offer a fresh flower to the Goddess every Friday.

Chant a mantra.

The mantra “Jai Mā” can be chanted 108 times in the early morning to honor and invoke the energy of the divine mother. Mala beads can be used to keep track of the repetition of this mantra.

Create something artistic and beautiful.

A dear teacher of mine once said, “if you are confused about what to do, make beauty.” Creativity is often placed on the back burner while we keep up with the daily grind of the responsibilities of life. Creating beauty through dance, paint, song, and more, reminds us of the essence of life and energizes us to be able to carry out our daily duties with joy and inspiration.

Love, unconditionally.

Love is the most powerful force in the universe, and the divine feminine is the cause of this ever-expansive force. Loving unconditionally means recognizing spirit in the heart of beings and honoring them to our best capacityWe simultaneously give and receive blessings when we love. In the same way that Radha’s love for her dear Krishna is the source for his energy, sharing love with the world recharges both the lover and the beloved. The current state of the world is dominated by solar energy, so to bring back the balance of masculine and feminine, by we must bring back love.

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