Self-love is a personal and quiet practice of simply being with yourself in acceptance, joy, and peace.

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That which we love, expands.

Looking at children who are loved fully and thoroughly, we see them expand and flourish as they grow. Of course many other factors contribute to a child’s well-being, but genuine love and care are inevitably at the top.

The same goes for other people, animals, and even plants. When given loving care, they thrive – and when neglected, they wither. Love is nature’s fertilizer; whether offered through loving attention, presence, touch, empathy, or any other expression, it helps living beings to flourish into their potential.

So why do we often miss that the very same applies to ourselves? And why does there seem to be a mild stigma in society that self-love is “selfish” and only deserves our focus after we’ve taken care of everyone and everything else first?

What many neglect to realize is that we ourselves are living beings who need and are infinitely worthy of the loving energy we share with others. This is why having a practice of self-love is so helpful – it reminds us to turn our attention and loving care inward.

Without this practice, we seek love from the outside, looking for others to love and validate us so we feel like “enough.”

But love from the outside can never fill this space inside of us – it must come from within.

And when it does, we become a fully expanded, living and breathing example of thriving health, with our love easily radiating out to others. We give freely from our own internal state of expansion, and we genuinely want to see everything and everyone around us thrive.

Rather than draining others to fill our empty space with validation, we give our energy back to the world in positive ways.

Self-love is key for true empowerment, the positive manifestation of “power”. When truly empowered from within, we embody a whole person radiating light from a full cup inside ourselves, able to give freely to others without depletion and without expectation of anything in return. In other words, we become a light in the world for both ourselves, and those we touch with our energy.

As we practice cultivating love in our own inner worlds, may we keep one eye looking outward as the hologram inevitably shifts around us.Self-love is a personal and quiet practice of simply being with yourself in acceptance, joy, and peace. It is giving freely to yourself the very same way you’d love someone else in your life. It’s taking care of your body, your heart, your mind and soul in whatever way that means to you.True self-love is both an internal state and an active practice. It’s a quiet glow from within that requires no showiness or attention from others, a purely personal and joy-filled state of being with yourself. And it’s so much deeper than going for a massage or treating yourself to dark chocolate. It’s a daily practice of knowing yourself, caring for yourself, and ensuring your internal cup is full so you can show up for yourself and for the others you love.

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