Just like we think of physical disease as something created by foreign particles, psychic attack is simply when the same thing happens energetically.

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A psychic attack is not the same as a possession, where a soul takes over a person and causes a complete change in behavior. Not every energy out there is a ‘soul’, but there are many fragments of energy that have a life of their own because of the energy we/ others have given it. For example if someone lived in a house harboring intense hatred for many years, someone moving in after them will experience unreasonable hatred, and even more so when they are vulnerable.

One could be affected by simply negative energy, an entity or a spirit. An entity is a fragment of energy that was created as a result of a strong dissatisfaction due to unfulfilled desires or disappointments. A spirit is the energy of a dead person which has been unable to move on due to strong attachment to a person, emotion or idea. It is not strong enough to possess someone but capable enough to use another person to satisfy their desires.

When affected by negative energy, a person might feel dull, negative or get sick for a few days. Most people are capable of dealing with negative energy given a few days. Entities and spirits affect people for much longer and if they are intelligent forces, they can even go undetected for years. I have met people who show no signs of being affected even to psychics, because the energy is well-masked.

I have known many people who are very well grounded and none of the things listed below affect them. The weaker a person is, the most these things will affect them. As a healer I have met people who have been affected by every single factor listed below.

Emotional Instability:

Without doubt, the biggest cause for psychic attacks is an emotionally weak state. When a person is emotionally broken down or under a great deal of stress, their auric defenses are extremely weak and can be violated very easily. Also, such a person will have some strong unfulfilled desire and if this resonates with a similar entity, the attraction is very strong and one gets affected.


There are two factors in psychic attacks. One, how weak or strong are you? And two, is there a spirit or entity nearby that might be interested in you? Where you are, greatly influences the second factor. If you live in a space which is thoroughly cleansed and has a strong energy field, you are already quite safe. However, when you are in a place full of entities or spirits, a slight slip can leave you affected. I once met a person who went to a cemetery with friends in a moment of bravado after a few drinks. It was a disaster and he came back almost incoherent. His other friends were unaffected. Passing through forests in the dark can also be risky, as can be watching horror shows – for some people.


Sex is not just a physical process, it exposes both people to each other’s energies and entities easily move from one person to another during intercourse.

Psychic Activity

Engaging in psychic activity like telepathically communicating with someone creates channels of energy connecting people, and these forces can easily travel from one continent to another through such openings. Deliberately indulging in psychic activity such as using Ouija boards, out of body experiences or lucid dreaming can leave a person exposed and sometimes leave them affected for years.


Feeling very sympathetic again opens up a person to another’s energy, as do some systems of healing. If the technique of healing you use involves a lot of cleansing rituals, rest assured that that is because such a system leaves you very exposed. Some healing systems are more effective in sending dark energies directly to the light, whereas others require more involvement from the healer, which can be risky if he healer is not well-grounded.

Other Factors:

Most people find this hard to believe, even more so because it interferes with our lifestyles, but leaving hair open especially after dusk, leaves one very exposed and vulnerable as hair act like antenna picking up information and energy from our surroundings. Wearing perfume also weakens one’s aura drastically, as does being in an inebriated state after drinking or doing drugs. Sometimes people do all of these together and still get away with it, but I have also met people who have taken a walk in a park late in the evening with their hair open and then needed help to come back to normalcy. If you are sensitive, avoid all three as much as possible.

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