Psychic attacks are negative energies directed towards you with conscious or unconscious intentions.

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  • Draw a large CKR(cho ku rei) of your height in front of you in the air. Chant its name thrice and walk in to the CKR. Imagine being engulfed by the CKR, covering you from toe to head and above. Intend that no negativity or psychic attack can harm you.
  • Imagine a big bubble/egg/pyramid of white/golden/purple light around you. Fill the insides of this bubble with Reiki. Ask Reiki to protect you. Intend that no negativity and evil eye effect can penetrate this bubble.
  • Imagine a bubble around you with a ring of fire. Fill the bubble with Reiki energy and imagine the fire burning off all the negativity, psychic attacks and evil eyes directed towards you.
  •  Make crystal water spray of black tourmaline, black obsidian or pyrite. Click Crystal Water to know how to make the spray. Spray your aura, home, work place or car with this crystal spray.
  •  Call upon Archangel Michael every morning and ask him to protect you by engulfing you and your loved ones in his angel wings.
  •  As soon as you wake up, imagine a zipped purple hoodie cloak covering you from toes to head and above. Intend that this cloak filter away all negativity acting as a barrier and protect your own energy.


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