The best weight loss program will improve your relationship with your body and food.

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Appreciate Your Body

The word for fat and the word for love is the same in India. In English to butter someone up is to show them affection and make them feel good about themselves. Fat is affectionate, soft, kind, and loving. It is stable and resilient. The first step to weight loss goes beyond acceptance to appreciation for how beautiful you are made.

Wake Up Your True Hunger

Ayurveda can wake up your true hunger, yet pacify your compulsion to eat. This may sound like a contradiction. Studies show that overweight people have lost connection with their body and its hunger cue’s. They eat for emotional reasons instead. Ayurveda shows you how to restore your natural hunger.

Decipher Your Cravings

Many people believe cravings come from the tongue. Instead, they come from nutritional deficiencies and weak organs that stimulate the taste buds. Sometimes these cravings are restorative, guiding you to the right foods your body needs. Other times, they are pathological. For example, people with weak kidneys crave coffee. People with weak lungs crave cigarettes. People with weak livers crave alcohol. People with low metabolism crave sweets. These kinds of cravings stimulate the deficient organ instead of restoring it. Ayurveda shows you how to restore deficient organs by treating them gently and identifying the cause of strain.

Restore Your Confidence

No one wants to suffer. Eating provides the ultimate reassurance. Food restores mood and confidence. Sometimes, emotional eating becomes a crutch. Most food addiction has its source in the subconscious. Unexamined feelings, hurts, and traumas you have experienced may continue to well up in your daily life in subtle ways you don’t even realize, triggered by your daily surroundings. Ayurveda offers simple tools to rebuild your confidence and overcome stuck behavior patterns.

Improve Your Circulation

Fat tissue blocks circulation. Blood that is rich in triglycerides becomes thick like molasses. Poor circulation leads to poor metabolism, and even a state of overwhelming panic. With Ayurveda, you will discover an herbal regimen and gentle diet program that can help restore your circulation.

Cleanse Your Body

Once you have the basic building blocks in place, you’ll be ready to flush out the toxins and impurities from your body, leaving you feeling clean and refreshed, with renewed energy. Many clients report feeling 10 to 20 years younger after cleansing. Your circulation and metabolism will continue to improve as your vessels are opened.

Discover A New Satisfaction with Food

An Ayurvedic diet is anything but austere. Over thousands of years of diet innovation, Ayurveda has perfected the art of satisfaction through food. Ayurveda affirms the joy you feel every time you feed your body, and offers tasty, exhilirating and enjoyable recipe options.

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