We're looking inward, and finding new ways to heal—from embracing the power of sound to the importance of nourishing our full-body biome.

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Sound healing is taking the well-being world by storm.

While sound has fascinated humans for millennia, auditory experiences will strike new chords in the world of well-being next year. From personalized soundscapes powered by artificial intelligence to a renewed interest in ancient techniques like sound baths, psychoacoustics is the term to know in 2022.

Embracing & nourishing the full-body biome.

The research of the microbiome has exploded in the last decade—leading us to understand more and more about the complex intricacies at play between the organisms living on us, in us, and their relationship to us. With that growing body of research, we’re getting a better picture of how to actually care for each of these unique eco-niches.

Old-school vitamins are evolving into a new generation.

We predict thoughtful, innovative supplement brands will continue to pick up momentum in 2022—creating new forward-thinking formulas. These smart supplements will include strategic improvements that reflect the latest science has to offer.

Entering the age of a more trauma-informed world.

The conversation around mental health and trauma has grown and evolved more than ever before. With communities emerging on social media, individuals speaking up, and research speeding forward, 2022 is on track for a more trauma-informed future.

The fertility spotlight is shifting to men.

As awareness about fertility continues to trend in the right direction, there’s one crucial piece of the puzzle that will get more much-needed attention in 2022: male fertility. With staggering statistics about declining sperm and a renewed understanding of reproductive health, this topic can no longer remain in the shadows.

Prioritizing girls’ mental & physical health is more vital than ever.

This past year, girls have faced some severe roadblocks on the path to overall health and well-being, reaching a global scale we cannot ignore. While women’s health is always a vital conversation, it seems navigating wellness (and life) as a girl is more difficult than ever before—and in 2022, we’re pushing for a renewed, and long overdue, focus on women and girls.


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