10 of the core tools, practices, and principles

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1. Early mornings:

One should  wake up at Brahma Mahurat, the hours between 4:30 and 5:20, to take advantage of theta brain wave patterns, tap into the subconscious mind, self-reflect, and alter brain chemistry in the morning.

2.Abhyanga (massage):

Abhyanga, massaging the body and head with oil before  is  a practice one should never miss. In Sanskrit, “oil” is called sneha, a word that also means “love.” This self-loving practice is not only grounding, but it also utilizes the skin as the channel of consumption to nourish deeper tissues, regulate the nervous system, enhance vitamin D synthesis, and keep the skin radiant.

3. Neti pot:

As the population grew and new homes were built that supported mold growth, much of people develop allergies and congestion. But using a neti pot daily to keep  nasal passages free of allergens and microorganisms is a age old remedy in itself. After all one must know how and what you breathe is as important as how and what you eat.

4. Gold-treated water:

Boiling a 24-carat gold chain in water used for drinking is a powerful and fascinating Ayurvedic practice that one must resort to for  for healthy aging and immune modulation. Ayurveda utilizes gold to regulate the body’s environment, fight diseases, enhance memory, and protect life. It also purifies and changes the composition of water to make it lighter.

5. Diet:

Doshic balance in the body is constantly shifting, and it is purposeless and tedious for anyone to eat for any one dosha. Instead, one should eat a Ayurvedically balanced diet when there is a sure symptom and sign of doshic imbalance.. One can gave up any particular food item but consume everything in moderation, chewing each bite slowly and mindfully. Man runs all day to get food on the table; the least he should do is slow down to enjoy it.

Breakfast should always warm to offset the cool, dewy environment morning brings. All meals  should be vegetarian, fresh, warm, well-spiced, and cooked in ghee. Lunch should and must be the heaviest meal of the day.

6. Family:

A family that bonds well and stays together is a insurance for any disease or health concern in these tiring modern times.


7. Fasting

Followe  intermittent fasting as a lifelong practice. Preferably  stop eating before sunset and do not eat until sunrise. It allows the body to take a break at a time when the digestive fire burns the lowest.

If possible do  a full  24 hrs hour fast every  week. Fasting not only gives the digestive fire a chance to flush out toxins and undigested waste but also to disengage from the tongue and other senses for a deeper spiritual connection.

8. Yoga and breathwork

One should adopt  a yoga and pranayama practice when young, and it  should  become an essential part of ones daily routine. Exercise was only a side benefit of ones yoga practice. One should and must  maintain yoga or exercise as  its true purpose was to regulate organ secretions, soothe the nervous system, stimulate the endocrine glands, and change the body’s electromagnetic field.

9. Self-sufficiency

One must  believe and know that a person’s self-worth depends on how self-sufficient one can be. Once someone becomes overly dependent on others, they lose confidence, and aging speeds up for sure.The best friend u can depend on is you yourself.Know that for sure.

10. Yathashakti

 Rigidity is not at all a choice. The principle of Yathashakti, which means “according to one’s ability. A balanced life is not a rigid prescription but should happen in a state of flow. If it disturbs your flow u need to  drop the practice.

One should  work hard to expand this state  of flow to other areas of  life too. This meant that if for any reason ones routine causes inconvenience to another, one would be quick to let it go. The purpose of ones life should be to move away from charge and toward flow.


For real change, one must inspire but never impose and that health is not the fear of disease but rather the freedom that comes from being well.






































































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