The illusion that our ego is the one controlling our lives is in fact the one thing that prevents peace from being able to come into our reality.

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1) Relax, Breathe

Ok, yes, it’s pretty obvious. But often in our high states of stress, we forget about the simple solutions as we mull over what we perceive are intricate problems. Not only is getting in contact with our own breathing completely relaxing but it is also the quickest way to invite peace into our being.

What many fail to realize is that peace and relaxation is our natural state of being, so the sooner we take time to take some deep breaths and just calm ourselves, the closer we will be to the authenticity of our own presence.

2) Start your day with an intention and make smaller intentions throughout your day

By starting each day with an intention, and making an intention for everything we do whether it is going to work or hanging out with friends, we actually start telling our subconscious what to look for in each situation we are brought to.

For example, if we set the intention, “May everything I meet with my awareness today be met with unconditional love and acceptance,” we actually start to go to the place in ourselves that accepts life as it is presented to us in the most loving fashion, rather than meeting every perceived adversity with fear and stress. Soon, the majority of our time is spent in this place of surrender and moving with the flow of life instead of fighting against it.

3) Welcome everything in (Resist Nothing)

We create problems for ourselves when we sit in resistance of a situation, we believe in our heads that things should go a certain way and when they don’t go that way we are frustrated.

If we pay really close attention, the thoughts and emotions that arise in our body in response to the situations that life presents to us, we find that each thing is only arising to be welcomed and loved unconditionally.

4)Declare everything as universal will

The journey of awakening is about realizing that instead of being a person who is experiencing the universe, we are the universe, playing as a person, experiencing itself. In this realization we come to see that absolutely nothing can happen that is outside the realm of the will of the universe.

To believe we are separate from the universe is to believe that there is something we could do “wrong” that would take us away from the divinity that is present in our own hearts.

However, as we come to know that we ARE the universe, we see that it is simply not possible. We are the universe. our will is it’s will. There is no “misstep” we can take that is going to take us anywhere other then exactly where we are supposed to be in any given moment.To truly realize this brings in a sense of complete calm. Relax. Everything is going exactly as it’s supposed to.

5) Let pain, heartbreak and negative emotions defeat you

So many of us are so scared to feel pain or a “negative” emotion that we try to resist it at all costs. Not only do we attempt to distract ourselves with people, places and things, but we give in to addictions as well.

The problem with never allowing pain to defeat us, is that the universe will continually bring us to the same lessons over and over until we decide to handle them with complete acceptance and love of not only the other person involved, but of ourselves as well.

It doesn’t mean we have to force ourselves to feel happy about something we are not happy about, it only means that we accept and love the part of ourselves that is scared, feels heartbroken, or feels angry. As we accept ourselves as we are, “imperfectly perfect”, we find that accepting others becomes easier as a natural by-product.

The more often we allow ourselves to be at peace with ourselves and our circumstances, we notice that we are sitting in this place of complete calm a majority of the time. The things in our life that no longer serve us are dropped naturally, because anything that threatens our inner state of peace is recognized as unhealthy and is discarded automatically.

Soon we start to realize that decisions start making themselves. Life unfolds naturally, perfectly, miraculously, and if we allow ourselves to be at peace with everything, we can enjoy the show.


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