Living with an angry husband can feel like you’re walking on eggshells.

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  1. Change Your Perspective

Feel empowered because though you don’t have much control over the way your husband responds to you, you do have control over how you react to him.

Remember: your husband’s anger is a sign he’s feeling weak. Come at him from a place of empathy rather than fear or rage of your own (no matter how justified).

Changing your perspective may also mean being honest with yourself. No, your husband’s anger isn’t your fault, but are you doing something to aggravate the situation? If so, maybe it’s time to change your approach, seeking de-escalation rather than victory.

If the answer is no, but your husband still refuses to take the blame, it’s your responsibility to show him where he misunderstands you. Show him you want to love him, not make him angry. Though, we recommend waiting until after he’s had a few hours to calm down.

  1. Encourage Your Husband To Seek Help

Sometimes, a husband’s anger is entirely a personal problem rather than a marital issue. Here, it’s his responsibility to seek help for his physical or mental ailments.

As a loving spouse, though, you can help by encouraging and supporting him along his journey toward recovery. Talk to your husband about getting help for his latest angry outburst. Some therapists specifically work with people with anger issues.

  1. Encourage Emotional Expressions At Home

Society and his workplace probably expect your husband to keep his emotions under control. Often, the home is the only place a man can safely express how he really feels. For this reason, be careful to encourage healthy emotional expression at home.

No, the emotional expression doesn’t mean taking his anger out on you, the pets, or the kids. A healthy emotional expression does mean dealing with anger when it happens and talking through it without losing his head.

If you’re raising young boys, you can use your husband’s journey toward emotional expression as a teaching moment. Help your sons learn to experience the full range of their emotions healthily.

That way, you can save their future spouses from wondering: why is my husband always angry?


So, you and your husband have followed these tips, but he still can’t seem to get his anger under control. You may be wondering: what now?

When even your greatest efforts don’t feel like enough to help if your husband is always angry, it’s time to get professional help.

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