Every marriage should have a reason for its existence, right?

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Rediscovering the purpose for your marital relationship is common in relationships still fairly young or in couples with some hardship. As mentioned above, you probably had a reason for marrying your partner in the first place. However, if you have been very busy or life has been more difficult than you expected, you can forget what that purpose was. There are few feelings more enjoyable than remembering what that reason was and discovering those emotions again. Some people can do this by just talking to their partner about their early relationship or going through photo albums. Others may try to revisit places where you once visited or do activities you once enjoyed, but this doesn’t work for everyone.

For many people, marriage is, at least in part, go into for love and companionship. It’s something that you do because you want to be a part of your partner’s life, and you want your partner to be part of yours.

However, marriage is also a legal union. When you get married, many aspects of your life become entwined -finances, taxation, parental responsibilities, insurance, schedules, and others. As a result, some people get married because they feel like they have to, whether for legal reasons like staying in the country, financial reasons like using the other’s income, or societal or religious reasons like raising a child together.

You need to know whether the primary reasons for your marriage are found in love and companionship, other benefits, or some combination of the two. Usually, it’s the last one. People get married out of love and then find that it’s much easier – and more enjoyable – to get by on two incomes, to share responsibilities, and raise a family with a partner.

There’s also the sexual aspect of the marriage relationship. For many people, the idea of a sexless marriage sounds horrible, and to some, the idea of sex outside of marriage is morally incomprehensible. Others may have gone into marriage for non-romantic companionship and may not care about sex one way or another. And yet others may practice consensual non-monogamy in their marriages. There are many alternative ways to find satisfaction and purpose in a marital relationship.

Further, these ways often change as the relationship and its members change. For example, many couples find that sex plays less of a role in their marriage as they get older. Some couples may look for new excitement by inviting others into their sex lives, and others may find that this kind of lifestyle only makes them appreciate being with their marital partner more.

Here’s another thing to think about, though: Your marriage is a partnership. That means that part of the purpose in your marital relationship is for both you and your spouse to reach your individual life goals. You are each other’s support team.

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