We are authentic at birth.

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Practice Mindfulness:

Lean on practices like meditation and yoga to observe your mind and help you distinguish between adapted behavior and authentic living.

Let Your Intuition Guide You:

You have been conditioned to be pragmatic, often at the expense of your intuition. There’s a reason that you have this sixth sense—learn to both access and follow it.

Recognize External Influences:

Examine your socially conditioned belief systems. Your external programming runs deep, so it can require some professional support, such as from a therapist or life coach, to fully distinguish external influences from your authentic self.

Identify Your Strength:

Accept that you have unique talents to express. For clues on how to craft your vision of authentic living, think back to your childhood talents and interests and the things you enjoyed doing growing up.

Release Stale Patterns:

Acknowledge that you evolve. Your existing patterns of living and relating may no longer serve you. Replace them with new ones that are rejuvenating and more appropriate at this stage of your journey.

Take Action Daily:

Your daily habits communicate your intentions to the universe. Consistently strive for authentic living and you will notice a shift.

Authentic living requires finding out and expressing who we are, paying attention to how we’re being called to grow and change, and doing what makes our heart sing. Authentic living also helps you feel better emotionally because it provides you with a sense of liberation and freedom, leaving you feeling confident and grounded.

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