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  • Experience immediate relief – spending time in the company of a scripture  acts like a balm. You simply feel better than before.
  • Have your questions answered – sometimes everything makes so much sense as you hear it, but then lots of questions come up about how it translates into your own life. It takes time for questions to arise and ongoing access to a wisdom tradition to receive answers.
  • Learn new frameworks to view the same old problems – each step of expanding your perspective builds on the last. Keep showing up and you will get a full and authentic picture of how to apply this wisdom.
  • Build a toolkit to empower yourself beyond the classroom – try out new practices and strategies in the laboratory of your own life as you learn. This deep-rooted foundation then becomes a permanent support for you.
  • Overcome your forgetful nature – just viewing a class once or skimming a book won’t make a lasting consciousness change. Be reminded again and again of the Self within until it becomes your lived experience.
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