The risk is if you then get addicted to excess eating, which also has the downside of lowering vibration.

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1) Overcoming self-judgment: I would say it’s essential not to beat yourself up and judge oneself for the behaviour. Because this just creates other cycles of negativity. Be honest and clear that it’s happening, and accept that it’s often a problem of this density. Practice the exploration of self acceptance and self forgiveness.

2) Consider the Bigger Picture: You’re here to forge the soul in the crucible of life. You’re acting on behalf of the macrocosm — The One — bringing light into density by exploring distortion. It is not your fault that such distortion exists. So accept and honour the distortion as a vehicle for growth. But then commit to the inquiry and realignment. Be clear with yourself — aligned soul behaviour is the way to absolute freedom.

3) Bring increased awareness to the act of consumption: It’s crucial then to bring in increased awareness to consuming — so not to eat mindlessly. When you eat, taste the food fully, be sure to have full attention in the experience and the feelings internally. Eat slowly — it is said that to eat in an aligned way, “we should chew our liquids and drink our food”.

4) Enjoy what you Eat: we should NOT get the sense of feeling bad about enjoying eating. Clearly its a pleasurable thing to do and does generate the sense of completion and at-one-ment with the Universe. Eat slowly and consciously. The more you enjoy it, the deeper you go into the experience, the likelihood is you’ll start to need less of it, because you’re gaining more from it.

5) Make eating a Sacred Event: It will help greatly to make eating a scared event. To enjoy the food more by blessing the meal, thanking the universe and giving maximum attention to every mouthful. Try lighting a candle before meal time and take a few moments of meditation. Thank the Universe for your blessing of food (you could even set aside a small plate with a little of the food to give back to the Universe).

6) Feel the sense of completion, even before you eat: the soul is looking for a sense of ‘completion’ with the Universe. The cycle of kundalini flows down from the source, through the base, through the experience of life, and then back to the source again. In your meal time meditation therefore, practice deep consciousness breathing, so that you already start to feel some form of completion internally even before you eat.

7) Investigate the nutritional value of what you’re consuming: If you tend to be drawn to stodgy fast foods of low nutritional value, your body will still want to consume more, even when the stomach is full. Be exceptionally mindful about reducing the amount of processed sugar. This has been described as ‘cocaine’ in the diet — it creates rapid blood sugar spikes, the rapid storing of fat, followed by sudden energy lows that make you want to eat more. Switch instead to naturally sweetened food (apple juice, date and agave syrup for example).

8) Explore the balance between carbohydrate foods, fats, sugars and proteins: So for example, reducing sugars and fats by increasing the amount of protein intake, such as through beans, lentils, chickpeas, quinoa, millet, hummus, buckwheat and hemp. This will help to reduce the amount of sugar and fat that you eat, because they give that sense of completion, are nutritional, and yet don’t bulk you out and lower your vibration.

9) Practice intermittent fasting: this is about reducing the amount of hours you eat in a day to around a 6 to 8 hour period. And when you’re fasting, work into any hunger cravings. The body will welcome the rest periods and you get to realise how much you might have been eating through conditioned behaviours. The crucial points are when you get most hungry — see these as the moment of maximum soul growth opportunity. Get really conscious in these places with meditation and breathing. Tranform the sense of hunger into the emptiness of potential. Work to simply hold the sense of potential energy without needing the immediate completion. This will greatly raise vibration and increase your higher dimensional manifestation capability.


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