Love is a bond to harness continuously

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Say ‘thank you’… a lot.

Make a point of always saying ‘thank you’ to each other, each and every time that your partner does something thoughtful for you. Not just the big things, but the seemingly little things, too.

Lay on the compliments.

Everyone likes to have positive reinforcement. Complimenting your partner on specific kindnesses will definitely let your partner know that you appreciate them.

Do something that’s important to them.

Yes, it’s nice to surprise your wife with flowers for no particular occasion — if she loves flowers, this will make her feel very special and appreciated.

Try to stop being so annoying.

Make an effort to work on any habits that annoy each other so that your partner knows that you are mindful of their feelings.

For instance, if it upsets your husband when you look at your phone during dinner time, make an effort to turn your phone off and put it away. If your wife hates it when you leave tea bags on the dining room table, then stop doing that!

Changing these little things by making purposeful choices to be less annoying shows you don’t take your partner for granted, and is the ultimate show of appreciation.


Say “I love you” and say it for real.

The best way to prove your love? Say ‘I love you”… with feeling! This may seem like a simple thing to do, but couples often forget to (or struggle to) say these 3 words.

Tell your partner why you love them.

It’s easy to say “I love you”, but to prove your love (and show someone you appreciate them) you need to tell them why!

 Stick by them.

When times get tough, show your loyalty to your partner and thank them for being loyal to you.If your partner gets sick or goes through a tough time, stay engaged. It can be easy to back away and even become resentful — after all, you’re used to having their attention and their help —but resist that urge. You can’t prove your love or show your appreciation if you won’t stick by them. In fact, bailing when the going gets tough is the opposite of appreciating the person you love.



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