Do you need to be in a spiritual relationship to find happiness?

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A spiritual relationship is a romantic or platonic connection that we have with another person that helps us to grow, evolve, and flourish on a deep soul level. While many connections have the effect of bringing about surface-level changes, spiritual relationships reach the core of our being and mirror back to us our shadows and light.

Metaphysically, we can say that spiritual relationships have the potential to exist between people (and even places or animals) who operate on the same energetic wavelength. These beings are part of our soul family and we’ll likely feel a strong and immediate connection or recognition in their presence.

Types of Spiritual Relationships:

  • Karmic relationships – The purpose of these kinds of relationships is to “work out your shit,” aka., karma, together. As such, they tend to be quite uncomfortable, dramatic, and tend to end on a negative note. karmic relationships can exist between romantic partners but also between friends, siblings, colleagues, and other family members. Once you’ve finally “learned the lesson” that the karmic relationship was meant to teach you, you’ll typically move on or revisit the same kind of relationship later until you work your karma out.
  • Soul friend – Having a soul friend goes deeper than typical surface-level friendships because your soul friend truly “gets you.” Not only will you both share similar likes and dislikes, but you’ll, most importantly, share the same values and yearnings, which makes your friendship unusually deep.
  • Soul teacher – Soul teacher connections can exist in any kind of situation, such as the typical student-teacher relationship, as well as between lovers, friends, acquaintances, and work colleagues. Even a random person that you meet once but has some kind of impact on your life can be a soul teacher with spiritual guidance to offer. Most of us have people whom we admire and whom we’ve never met before who play the role of soul teacher. We all have many soul teachers, and in reality, we could say that every soul we come across on our paths is a soul teacher in some way, shape, or form.
  • Soul mate – Soul mates can be romantic or platonic, and they play a special role in our lives by helping us to be the best version of ourselves possible. It’s common to feel a sense of deep recognition when first meeting your soul mate8 (although this doesn’t always happen). You’ll both have a deep understanding of each other and exist on the same wavelength; even on the surface, you may appear to be total opposites. Soul mates may be long-term or short-lived companions, but they always have a profound impact on our lives, supporting us in growing, evolving, and flourishing to our fullest potential.

Can one person play multiple roles?Yes

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